You can see the reports of our Chapter's activities. The articles contain the information about field trips, short courses, lectures for young scientists, workshops, promotional actions, conferences and meetings where our students took part.

Fig 1. A group picture of SGA students a
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Promo Lecture of SGA Siberian Student Chapter at NSU Anniversary, September, 15th, 2017

Collaborative Field trip with Prague and Barcelona Student Chapters to Catalonia, September, 4-10, 2017
The field trip to deposits of different types in vicinity of Barcelona
The guide book of the trip is available for download here

Report of SGA Siberian Student Chapter at 14th SGA Biennial Meeting, Quebec City, Canada, 20-23 August, 2017
Field trip to Verkhnetioiskoe Iron deposit, June, 12-15, 2017
Iron deposit of Mg skarns with spectacular mineralisation made up of pyrite, serpentine, fluorite and magnetite.

Collaborative field trip with Barcelona Student Chapter to Altai Mountains, August, 4-10, 2016
The observation of different types of deposit in Altay Region
The guide book of the trip is available for download here

Field trip to Sorskoe Cu-Mo porhyry deposit,  June, 5-7, 2016
It is a typical Co-Mo-porphyry deposit of giant size. It is exploited in open way.

The 8th International Siberian Conference. June 18-24, 2016
Field trips to Rudniy and Gorniy Altai

SGA Promo at Moscow Geological Institute, November 28th- December, 2nd, 2016
The field trip to visit the Kamenushinskoe copper and Salairskoe Pb-Zn deposits (Kemerovo Region, Russia), 2015



The field trip of Siberian Student Chapter has focused on the copper and Pb-Zn mineralization associated with altered sedimentary rocks and dacites, which are widespread in Kemerovo Region. 

Activities of 2014: the field trip to visit Ural Mountains and traditional excursion to the Skalinsky quarry in granites of Kolyvansky intrusion



The main areas of our interests were the Plast old mining region (so-called «Russian Brazilia») and alkaline complexes of Vishneviye and Ilmenskiye mountains.

The Field Trip to the Funny mine, Sinyuhinskoe gold deposits, 2014



The article is about spring excursion of students from Siberian Student Chapter to the largest currently exploited gold deposit in Altai Mountains

Report of SGA Siberian Student Chapter at 12th SGA Biennial Meeting, Uppsala, Sweden, 2013 year
Field trips of 2013 year


In 2013, we organized many short field trips to mineral deposits and geological natural monuments of the Novosibirsk region.

Activities of 2012 year: Skalinsky opencast mine (Novosibirsk region),

mineralogical lectures for pupils,

field trip to Altai Mountains


Report about field trip to the Skalinsky opencast mine with pegmatite mineralisation, short courses and lectures for participants of Siberian Geological Olympics, and post-conference field trip of the 6th Siberian International Early Career GeoScientists Conference. 

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